Clearlite and Coated Steel Roofing

Demolition Traders stock a range of powder coated steel in various lengths in both corrugated and square rib styles. A small range of colours and sizes is currently available and is priced per meter.

In addition to our range of powder coated steel we stock a range of new clearlite roofing, suitable for adding extra natural light to your building or deck. We currently stock two grades of clearlite to suit any budget and project.

Demolition Traders stock a huge range of coloursteel and zincalume iron in their Hamilton yard. Available in both corrugate and most square rib profiles such as MC770 and diamond deck.


Sheet Length Skylite
(Economy roofing)

(Either Clear
or Grey Tint)

1.8m $15 $29
2.4m $20 $39
3.0m $25 $49

For those who cannot find what they are after check our range of RECYCLED roofing.