New Decking

Key Deck is our latest addition to our decking timber range

Key Deck has a consistent straight grain due to its quatersawing technique. Growth rings in wood boards act like expanders with cracking usually occurring vertical to the rings. The straight grain minimises cracking, splintering and is more dimensionall stable

A patent infusion coating process enables a blend of proactive oils and colour pigments to be infused into the wood. The coating can be easily reapplied or left to weather naturally  


Decks are exposed to the elements and therefore require maintenance to maintain appearance and performance. Outdoor surfaces are subject to rain and UV effects as well as wind-blown dust, dirt, mould and mildew spores 

  • It is good habit to clean your deck once per year as a maintenance regime
  • Ensure your deck is not continually wet or in contact with the ground
  • Treat you outdoor area like you indoor area. Regularly sweep off loose dirt or garden residue. Watch out for algae or moss that may be growing on the deck. They may occur after time but can easily be removed using a specialist deck cleaning product
  • Key deck is a natural wood product. From nature, all woods contain forms of oils to keep their elasticity and durability. Similar to how we apply skin creams to maintain suppleness, we suggest that all wood is regularly oiled to enhance appearance and performance
  • Wash down with mild soap annually when required or immediately if food, drink or other material is spilled on the deck
  • Ensure there is no build-up of organic material between or against the decking boards
  • treating your deck with a suitable oil or stain bi-annually will allow your Key Deck to retain its lively colours and enhance its performance
  • Do not use a water blaster or high pressure sprayer on you deck as this could result in damage to the surface



Adequate ventilation f any deck is important for the stability of the decking and the structural timber. Please ensure that under the deck is well drained and provides good air circulation, failure to provide adequate ventilation may cause surface degradation and mould and mildew attack

A minimum space between the deck and ground level of 400mm is recommended, decks under this height should have a waterproof membrane applied to the ground surface


To install Key Deck, we recommend using the Camo Edge Deck Fastening System®  for a beautiful fastener-free surface.

A high quality timber decking screw can also be used. If using a timber decking screw, we would recommend pre-drilling and countersinking for a professional finish

  • screws should be fixed a minimum of 15mm from the edge of the decking boards and 12mm from the ends of the boards or use the Camo Edge Deck Fastening System®.
  • Key Deck should be installed with a minimym 5mm gap between boards to allow for adequate ventilation. For ease, the Camo Edge Deck Fastening System® provides an automatic 5mm Gap
  • Ensure screws are installed correctly as per the screw manufacturer’s recommendations. In particular, do not over past the flush point with the decking and also ensure screws are installed straight (not on an angle as this puts undue pressure on the timber)
  • Bevel the ends of the boards to avoid end checking on the boards
  • Screws on the ends of the boards must be pre-drilled to prevent splitting of the boards